About The Natural Pest

I have heartfelt stories about my ancestors and my genealogy process that I want to share, above and beyond the more formal documentation of my family.

Please find me in these places:

Here is a version of my write-up from various Subscription/Family Tree sites:

Hello! After a good deal of brick-wall climbing this past 6 years, I’ve been able to conclude that all of my GGG Grandparents were born in Ireland. Seven of my 8 great grandparents came directly from Ireland. The 8th great grandparent was daughter to two Irish immigrants proven and from County Armagh.

If you are here because of a connection through DNA or possible family tree match, let me tell you a bit about me and my trees here:

First of all — Join me at Gedmatch for DNA comparisons if you have done DNA, but not set up a kit there already! 

Strong areas in my tree are:

* Brady & Reardon couple (Cork)

* Kenneally & Sullivan couple (Cork)

* Kilty & Barry couple (Cork)

* Mullaly & Dunn couple (Kildare/Wicklow)

* Murphy & Casey couple (Kerry)

* Rogers & Donnelly couple (Armagh)

* Sugrue & Russell couple (Kerry)

* Sullivan & Leahy couple (Kerry)

* Vizard & Rogers couple (Mayo & Armagh)

I will be very happy to tell you what I can stand on and make sure to share sources. Some of these are my own personal family effects. Happy Hunting! I look forward to meeting and helping and learning from my fellow family genealogists.


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